Building PropellerIDE

PropellerIDE has been built on these platforms:

  • Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)

  • Mac OS X (>= 10.6)

  • Ubuntu (>= 14.04, 12.04 with backports)

  • Raspbian OS, pcDuino

PropellerIDE has been built using these compilers:

  • GCC

  • Clang

  • MinGW-x64

  • MSVC

General Requirements

The following table lists the requirements to build PropellerIDE components:

Component Dependencies


G++, Make Qt (>= 5.3), QSerialPort


G++, Make


Free Pascal Compiler (FPC)

Debian package

debhelper, help2man, libftdi1, libudev-dev

Windows installer

InnoSetup 5

Apple Disk Image


Installing Packthing

If you intend to create binary releases, you must install Packthing, which requires Python 2.7 to be installed. You can install Packthing like so:

$ git clone
$ cd packthing
$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
$ sudo python install

Getting the Source

Check out the project, using the --recursive flag to pull in submodules, and then cd into the project directory. Do not use the source tarballs generated by GitHub as they do not include submodules.

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd PropellerIDE



Debian-based distros

To build only the propelleride executable:

$ sudo apt-get install g++ make qt5-default libqt5serialport5-dev

You can build the executable as follows:

$ qmake -r
$ make -j8

propelleride will be built at ./src/propelleride/propelleride.

To build the complete Debian package, which includes OpenSpin and PropBASIC, install these additional dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install help2man debhelper imagemagick libftdi1 \
        libudev-dev fpc
$ fakeroot packthing -r deb -j8

The .deb package will be built at ./build/staging/propelleride-X.Y.Z-ARCH.deb.

RHEL-ish distros

To build the propelleride executable:

$ sudo dnf install gcc-g++ make qt5 qt5-devel

In older YUM repositories, there were no top-level qt5 or qt5-devel packages. If the above command fails for you, install the prerequisites directly.

$ sudo dnf install qt5-qtbase qt5-qttools qt5-qtbase-gui \
        qt5-qtserialport qtchooser qt5-qtbase-devel

You can build the executable as follows:

$ qmake-qt5 -r
$ make -j8

RPM packaging is not yet available.

Building on Mac

Building on Mac is generally similar to Linux.

Instructions are not yet available.

Building on Windows

You will need to download Qt5 from the Qt website. You will also need Inno Setup to build the Windows installer.

Qt is distributed with either a MinGW or MSVC toolchain on Windows. Be sure to add the paths to the toolchain and Inno Setup to the system environment.

C:\Qt\Tools\mingw482_32\bin;C:\Qt\5.3\mingw482_32\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Inno Setup 5

The MinGW toolchain is painfully slow, but you can build with mingw32-make, which supposedly supports parallel builds but is slow as a dog anyway so it makes little difference.

> mingw32-make

If you’ve decided to install Visual Studio, you’ll have an instance of nmake. You can enable parallel builds by setting the CL environment variable, which will speed things up considerably.

> set CL=/MP

Then start the build.

> nmake

Using QtCreator

PropellerIDE may also be built with QtCreator, but it should be noted that QtCreator and qmake builds seem to be incompatible with each other, so make distclean should be called before switching between them.

Using CMake

Instructions on CMake builds are not yet available.

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