PropellerIDE has a built-in serial terminal you can use to debug your Propeller programs.


There are no restrictions on the number of terminals that can be open at a time, even on the same device, and software can be downloaded to attached devices without disconnecting terminals first.

Tool Bar

terminal toolbar.png

terminal active.png Active Light & Button

When the light is green and Active is pressed, the device is connected and ready to send and receive data.

When the terminal is disconnected, it goes black and will stop receiving data and responding to key presses.

terminal inactive.png

terminal reset.png Reset

Sends a hardware reset to the board.

terminal clear.png Clear

Clears all text from the console and sets the cursor back to the top left.

terminal device.png Device

The name of the device this terminal is currently attached to. This list of devices varies depending on your platform, but generally speaking, they look as follows:

Serial devices:


COM1, COM2, …​


ttyUSB0, ttyUSB1, …​



Wifi devices:

not yet available

terminal baud.png Baud Rate

The rate of transmission to the board. Type in the baud rate you want, or click the arrow to select from the following baud rates:

9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200, 230400, 460800, 921600

The default baud rate is 115200.

terminal echo.png Echo

When echo is enabled, everything you type will be copied to the console, in addition to being sent to the device. Some software expects echo to be enabled, while others send the data back to the console themselves, which will result in duplicated text.

Try toggling this feature if your application isn’t behaving how you want it to.

terminal rxtx.png Rx / Tx Lights

These lights indicate when data is received or sent. Red is received, blue is sent.


There are two ways to input text

  • Through the console itself

  • Through the input line at the bottom of the window


Using the console is recommended when the target device supports a more advanced command-line interface, as it will allow you to take advantage of things like readline capabilities, cursor positioning, etc.

terminal console.png

Pressing the Enter or Return key sends a single newline (ASCII 10) to the device.

Input Line

For simpler interfaces, the input line is a better choice.

terminal input.png

Pressing the Enter or Return sends the text without newline. Pressing the Send button sends the text plus a single newline.

Parallax Serial Terminal Compatibility

The following ASCII characters implement basic terminal compatible with the original Propeller Tool’s serial terminal.


Clear Screen


Clear to End of line


Home cursor


Position Cursor in x,y


Position cursor in X


Position cursor in Y


New Line


Line Feed


Move cursor Left


Move cursor Right


Move cursor Up


Move cursor Down





PropellerIDE includes a corresponding com.serial.terminal object that implements these control characters.

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