Tool Bar



file new.png New

Creates a new file.

file open.png Open

Opens an existing file.

file save.png Save

Saves the current file to disk.

file save as.png Save As

Saves a copy of the current file under a new name. The original file is not saved.


file zip.png Archive Project

Builds an archive of the current project.

project build.png Build Project

Compiles the current project without downloading it.

project run.png Run Project

Compiles and downloads it to the currently selected board.

project burn.png Write Project

Compiles the project, downloads it to the board, and writes it to the board’s first EEPROM.

port select.png Device Selector

Selects the target download device from any available devices connected to the system.


project info3.png Memory Map

Opens the Memory Map widget.

project terminal.png Terminal

Opens the Terminal widget.

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